The (Jewish?) Fraud & Fake Messiah: Jordan Peterson getting exposure in South Africa – Also: Vox Day, Ben Shapiro


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[The other day I had to rush to a shopping mall to get a problem sorted out urgently. When I went past one of our Liberal book stores. I used to LOVE book stores and used to frequent them, until I later realised what crap is in them. They are just outlets for Jewish liberal crap and anti-White lies. Anyhow, I had to go to a "famous brand" shop here in South Africa, which was actually bought out by Walmart America. Though it is utterly inefficient in a typical South African style. As I walked there, I saw, to my HORROR, brand new Jordan Peterson books on sale! So I suspect they are selling them, perhaps due to the links to Walmart! Luckily, most of the people who shop there are Blacks, so maybe it's not a big deal. But yes, very recent Jordan Peterson crap was on sale. I couldn't believe it had reached us. Jan]

This is a short discussion between myself and an American I know well. I’ll mark his sentences with: A:, and mine with J.

A: I don’t think Vox Day and Vox new outlet are related entities.

J: I’ve never followed them though I know people who have.

A: Vox was right that Jordan Peterson was a fraud, but he is easily distracted. I haven’t watched his show in several years. I just got tired of someone who couldn’t stay on his topic without blowing up in anger over his comment feed.

J: Vox is also not fully White I think. I did not know he said Jordan Peterson is a fraud. I notice with horror that Peterson is going to be a GLOBAL personality. I even saw his books here in South Africa. Please send me anything on Jordan Peterson. I regard him as total garbage and I even think Peterson might be a crypto Jew. He’s real garbage and the Jewish Mass Media machine is seriously pushing him.

A: He had some inside info on what a fraud Ben Shapiro is since he worked with him.

J: This also interests me. I’d love to know more about Shapiro. I don’t trust that Jew.

A: I have his book on what to do when people try to cancel you.

A: Still, he doesn’t have anything to offer since he is a jew-lover, and friends with Owen Benjamin.

J: And I think Vox also does not touch on RACE.

A: Have you ever heard of Neville Goddard?

J: Never. Tell me more

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