THE BOER PROJECT – OUR DOCUMENTARY – Swedish interest in Boers

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[I found this page where this Swedish guy seems to be keen to do a documentary about the Boers and is raising some funds to come to South Africa to do this. Jan]


The Boer population is at the end of the road. Our aim is, within The Boer Project, to travel down to South Africa and investigate the white minorities respond to the threat they are facing. How does the residents meet the forced poverty that comes from the ANC labour market reforms that discriminate against the white minority population? Moreover, how does the farming population respond to the recurrent farm attacks when the state’s protective device is proving insufficient?

 The result will be presented as a documentary film that will be released in both Swedish and English, in order to pay attention to the situation of the residents.

 The whole project is based on a single common issue:

 Survival – How?

 We cannot do it ourselves – we need your help! To cover our most basic costs, something necessary to realize this project.

 Thanks in advance!

 Jonas Nilsson

You can read more here:

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