S.Africa: Race War: Predicted Violence in Northwest Province this week: Also Malema’s EFF in Coligny – Black threats against Afriforum


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[Here is some info that I got from my Security Sources that I got in the North West province after my visit to Coligny, Lichtenburg and Mafikeng. My comments are inserted in here. So it looks as if instability and possibly some violence may be continuing in Mafikeng this week. Malema’s EFF have won a by-election in Coligny in the last two weeks. This is not a good sign but no reason to panic.

This is the result of many communications I had with various contacts, especially security people that I know in the NW Province today. Jan]

I’ve verified this and this is an official Police statement:-

This is an official police message : Media Statement from Provincial Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure


Mahikeng – 3 May 2018 – The Justice, Crime prevention and Security Cluster of the Provincial Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (PROVJOINTS) has noted with concern social media reports that are circulating purporting to be providing an update on the prevailing stability situation in the North West.

The South African Police Service (SAPS) together with PROVJOINTS role players would like to reiterate and assure the general public that contrary to unverified reports, the situation is stabilised and normalised through various interventions including daily deployments.

Members of the community, if not certain about security at their places, are urged to confirm with their police stations regarding travelling and accessing of services rather than relying on social and unverified sources.

Intervention efforts to reassert the authority of the state continue to bear fruits. This is corroborated by the recent Track and Recovery Operation by Public Order Police (POP) and Detectives in Taung which resulted in the arrest of 12 suspects for malicious damage to property, business burglary and public violence. The suspects, 10 males and two females, aged between 21 and 50 were arrested in the early hours of today in Maganeng village and Pudimoe. They are expected to appear in the Taung Magistrates’ Court soon.

In Klerksdorp, police arrested two suspects both aged 28 in Extension 15, Jouberton for possession of suspected stolen goods. it was during the arrest that the police recovered two refrigerators, two electrical stoves, music system, washing machine, pairs of shoes, television and motor vehicle parts. These are some of the goods that that were looted during the protest in Jouberton last week. The suspects are expected to appear in the Klerksdorp Magistrates’ Court soon.

The North West Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Baile Motswenyane once more urges law abiding citizens to work together with the police to identify and isolate criminals as well as those who subvert the authority of the state so that necessary steps can be taken. “Spreading or disseminating false or unverified information which is intended to create uncertainty and fear is counterproductive towards the restoration of peace and stability and should not be allowed,” said Lieutenant General Baile Motswenyane.

Media enquiries: Brigadier Sabata Mokgwabone: 082 496 9642

[email protected]

This is the assessment of the police message by my security contact at AgriSA. This is his assessment and not an official statement by AgriSA: I saw some senior officials having a meeting on Saturday with one of the supposedly identified guys to take over from Supra. I also know that all riot units of SAPS are still in Mafeking. To me, it indicates that they themselves are also cautious and worried.

One of my security contacts in the NW Province sent this note about Coligny:-
I am aware of EFF attitude in Coligny. Especially since they won the by-election. Pitty that other voters decided to stay away. Now they are sitting with an EFF councillor.

My security contacts in Coligny report that on Saturday, there were some EFF at the OK in Coligny and they were stirring a bit there. I was told that whenever the EFF walked past whites in Coligny, that they then shouted loudly that the EFF was going to take Afriforum (a big farming organisation) to court. The blacks shouted in Afrikaans: “We are going to f**k up Afriforum”. This is probably because the leader of Afriforum is going to take on Julius Malema in some manner (I’m not sure exactly what the plan is).

Jozi FM is apparently the biggest black radio station in South Africa. They have also been spreading this message as have other radio stations that the EFF is going to take Afriforum to court.

I checked with my AgriSA Security Contact and his feedback is that to his knowledge no such legal action has taken place.

Returning to Coligny:-
I am aware of the internal strategy of some of their security people so I do not want to discuss what I know. But I am aware of various things they have been doing to calm the situation down. However, the EFF is constantly at work trying to inflame the situation. When I was in Coligny I saw 2 black pickup trucks (bakkies) with loudspeakers on. There are 2 permanently stationed in Coligny. But there were times when the EFF brought in as many as ten. They use these pickup trucks with loud speakers to drive around and give the blacks political messages. I assume it includes hatred but I’m not aware of anyone whose translated the actual messages. When I spotted them they would alternate between playing rastafarian music and black political messages!

So it does appear to me that there is a lot of attempted indoctrination of the blacks going on in Coligny. The victory in the by-election is not a good sign. But I do know there are white security units there and they are constantly monitoring intelligence and they also have a patrol unit. The farmers also have units. So there are white men always busy monitoring what is going on in and around Coligny. The whites in Coligny are very organised and they are checking information 24/7. And they have “backup” too if they need additional reinforcements.

It seems to me that the North West Province is the closest we have to an active “war zone” in South Africa. But when I was there the only actual VIOLENCE was in Mafikeng and it had quietened down. Coligny and Lichtenburg were dead quiet day and night.

The EFF is clearly one of the most important factors in Coligny. But in Mafikeng, it is a mish mash of black groups including the ANC itself which are responsible for the violence. Mafikeng is very unstable and the form of the violence is much like you’d see in other parts of Africa. Black violence can occur in many forms with lots of different groups with similar/differing agendas. Its a very confused, chaotic mess. And that is the best description of Mafikeng.
Jan Lamprecht.

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