S.Africa: Jews and Black Communism at work: The BIG Economic Shutdown of 20th March 2023 … Was a Flop!

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This is a website run by an excellent British man that I know who is a true racialist. He puts out good, solid content.

There was a lot of hot air last week including threats on businesses in South Africa and all the talk from communists like Julius Malema was that the Revolution is coming, etc, etc.

But what happened was that on the weekend the DA, which is basically the local JEWISH GLOBALIST Political party controlled totally by Jewish BIG MONEY, took them to court and won. And they got the High Court of South Africa to rule that they are NOT allowed to interfere with businesses.

It was also a long weekend.

Anyway, I even decided to monitor the activity on Monday, but it was, in all, a huge flop.

Lots of Whites were monitoring the situation but it did not amount to much. Yes the Blacks gathered and Malema talked his shit, but in the end, nothing came of it.

Even Malema had to warn his people that they are just protesting and they are not allowed to do other things. Clearly the legal FLOP caused him to have to back track.

Jews are on BOTH SIDES. There are lots of top Jews who support Malema and the South African Communist Party, but the Jewish Liberals who are behind BIG BUSINESS won the day.

The DA is a bunch of Globalist Jews and they are pro-Fags, etc. They recently even had a pro-fag pride rally in Cape Town. Cape Town is a place for naughty man-to-man sex. It’s been like that for long because the Jewish Communist Hag, Helen Zille is in charge there. So Cape Town has been weirdly creepy for a decade or more.

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