S.Africa: Govt raids Huge White Criminal ponzi scheme based on fake Bitcoin trading – Mirror Trading International – My Comments


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[Months ago, and on a number of occasions since, I have published articles about these white crooks who are running an enormous ponzi (pyramid) scheme called MTI – Mirror Trading International. The sad, horrific truth is that this Steynberg guy who runs it, is a crook who was cheating blacks in another ponzi scheme some years before. This guy now went to a whole new level and faked Bitcoin trading and has stolen masses of money from whites, mostly in South Africa but also a few in North America. This is so dreadful. I cannot understand these bloody criminals who will lie to their own people and cheat them endlessly. I hate that so much. So I am glad that finally action was taken and their offices were raided. This is an ENORMOUS scam, and there is going to be a lot of very sad stuff coming out of it. It's very sad. Jan]

You can read about the raid here: https://www.news24.com/fin24/companies/financial-services/regulator-raids-mirror-trading-international-says-it-is-ready-to-defend-countersuit-20201029

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