Photos: South African Army on another junk peacekeeping UN stabilisation mission in DRC – My Comments

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The South African National Defence Force will be deploying the South African Quick Reaction Force (RSA QRF) to the Force Intervention Brigade (FIB) in the United Nations Organization Stabilisation Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) in July 2021.

The RSA QRF will work closely with the FIB and the Tactical Intelligence Unit (TIU) currently deployed in the DRC in efforts to combat illegal Armed Groups and protect the vulnerable civilians.

The RSA QRF is under the command of Lt Col M.A. Saki and consists of over 200 personnel, fully equipped to perform their mandate.

The QRF moved from 44 Parachute Regiment and reported at Joint Mobilisation & Demobilisation Centre on 06 June 2021 and will commence with the mobilisation process.

The Officer Commanding Joint Mob and Demob Centre, Col P.C. Arlow officially welcomed the QRF yesterday.

In his address, Col Arlow emphasised on the ethos of the members and its importance in building teamwork and unity of command.

He furthermore quoted great men such as Tata Nelson Mandela and O.R. Tambo to put his point across regarding discipline and Ubuntu in order to create and sustain an elite force.

During their mobilisation, the UN Department of Peace Operations (UN DPO) will be conducting individual and Collective Military Skills Pre-deployment Validation.

The Field Training Exercise and Command Post Exercise (FTX/CPX) will also be conducted to ensure that the QRF is mission ready.


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