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The lady sent me this in November 2018:

Hi Jan,

I recently came across your work online. I’ve listened to what you say and I agree with you completely.

I want to get involved. As quietly as possible because I believe that people are at risk if they challenge the zionists and marxists. How can I get involved?

I live in xxx. I am willing to volunteer. Don’t have any money but have some time and energy to help my fellow Europeans who are facing such dire conditions. If I can educate even a few people, it may make a difference?

Hi Lea,

It delights me to hear from someone in South Africa. I am running very far behind on my messages, but am going through them steadily.

My normal response to people is: “Do simple forms of activism”. i.e. Spread stuff to your circle of friends and family. You may find it difficult … because your own family might reject you. I struggled with it endlessly myself. But its a good way to start. In Germany, if you speak to your family, it can land you in JAIL … ask my friend Alfred Schaefer who is sitting in a German jail. But elsewhere you’re ok, until some stupid malicious Jew or Liberal (race traitor) decides to report on you. I once did a video about simple forms of activism. I need to put it online. My best piece of advice is to think before you just spread stuff.

I did put out a request for volunteers in December 2018, and received a few requests from people. I’ve only replied to one or two so far, but I’ll reply to them as part of my process.

The best thing you can do, to begin with, is to learn everything you can from websites like mine and others who are good and then to develop the skills to begin spreading the word to others – the young, the old, etc. I would urge you to focus more on younger people than the old, for many reason.

I need to actually explain to people how “The movement” is working worldwide” and how whites manage to fight their way forward in this.


2. Then other players come into play … other content creators can take people past the starting point.

3. Following up in the rear are the hardcore guys like Alex Linder and myself. We specialise in saying the unthinkable, and moving into the areas that our enemies really hate … and that’s where we find ourselves in the heat quite regularly.

I do have ideas and thoughts – many in fact – but guys like Alex and I lack the money to really focus on what we want to do. I have very specific ideas in many areas – my stuff especially REQUIRES ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF WORK. There are people who have asked me to come up with plans and an organisation, etc, etc. But I’ve always been quiet about this. NOT BECAUSE I LACK IDEAS – but because I don’t like having clowns on board. To get down to serious work, is a very VERY TRICKY thing in a situation where one’s enemies is constantly spying on you and harassing you in any way they can. They’re always trying to cut the financing to Alex and myself. But things could get worse. So for serious work, you need serious people … not just someone who walks in from the street.

I have tried many methods over the years. I have found that people generally are impatient. They want instant results. They get tired quickly. They lack the type on endless desire that is needed to NEVER QUIT. Others, in South Africa and elsewhere, think that everything can be solved through money … and they discover that there’s NO MONEY FOR WHITE RACIAL PROJECTS, and any attempt to get even small amounts is stopped. Alex and I have each been knocked back on dozens and dozens of occasions, and it happens to anyone who is serious.

My own view is that with a little bit of money along with A LOT OF TEDIOUS WORK, and some WHITE CREATIVITY THROWN IN… that this is THE ONLY WAY FORWARD. The vast majority of whites just give up when they hear that this is the answer. They just can’t understand why we can’t raise $1 million and walk in with a glitzy solution. But if you look around, you’ll see that THOUSANDS of whites have tried to tell the truth and 99% of them can’t get far. Some of us are only in the game because we have a burning passion and burning anger and nothing more.

Whites, think everything is as simple as writing out a CHECK/CHEQUE. But in reality, the way to get the real edge on our enemies involves WORK, HARD SOLID WORK. People need to be capable not only of team work but also capable of repetitive, monotonous work.

Because I spent my life in the big corporate world, I’ve seen how they plough hundreds of billions of Rands into the systems that they need. We need to build many things. Even though we are outnumbered (vastly in South Africa), whatever we can build (physical or organisational) will give us a HUGE EDGE. Even small numbers of whites will be able to pack a massive punch and be able to punch way above their weight level.

It will NOT be us with a few billion Rands versus blacks with a few billion Rands. It will actually be us with a few million Rands at the most, versus blacks with billions of Rands … they’ll outnumber us in finances (vastly) and in people … YET WE CAN EASILY BREAK THEM.

My strategy is to find firm ways to BREAK OUR ENEMIES – mentally and in other ways. I’m convinced we can do this.

But whites are too used to running to the shopping mall to solve all their problems and that is why whites now are surprised that the super-rich whom we helped enrich through our spending habits are actually our ENEMIES! Lesson: Stop making our enemies powerful … make ourselves powerful.

Hitler and the Germans, through genius ideas and HARD WORK raised themselves up. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY FORWARD FOR WHITES IN SA AND ELSEWHERE. THERE IS NO EASY WAY. BUT THIS IS ALSO THE BEST WAY BECAUSE THEN NOBODY CAN CONTROL YOU. If we ran to the rich for money, the rich would immediately put conditions on it and we would be screwed and back to square one. TENS OF THOUSANDS OF WHITES HAVE TRIED THIS ROUTE FOR DECADES. FORGET IT. WORK, AND PRODUCING OUR OWN STRUCTURES (physical & non-physical), BRICK BY BRICK, IS THE ONLY WAY.

Volunteers, have some uses and its a place to start. But, what I want is committed people, perhaps even “employees” at some time. I can see that Alex and I have learned the same hard lessons the hard way. We want people who listen to what we say, and they do what we tell them to do. We do not want to sit and argue with people. We need to be able to tell them: You do this and you do that. With my own stuff, that is what I’m aiming for. Since I have one part time “employee” currently, I’m working on this principle. I have ideas of where I want to go and how to get there, but it is all based on repetitive work. I have yet to find a single white South African who is willing to just sit down and do work. I found Americans do it easier.

WORK is the secret, the key, the genius. This is how you actually win. You get rid of all the things that can be easily sabotaged. e.g. The rich popping in with their money under your nose. That already is the beginning of losing. Been there – tried that too. Labour, work, discipline, structure … these are the answers. Take a bit of money and make it go a LONNNNNNG way… This works. Even a small organisation can take on a BIG ONE. If we had more workers, who can actually do some stable, repetitive work, then we’d get somewhere.

BE AWARE that all kinds of agents are trying to befriend us, and some come up with ideas to deflect us away from our path, and others come up with illegal ideas that can get us into jail. One is living in an arena that has many snakes, tricks and traps.

Every time I’ve had a setback I’ve gone back to the drawing board and figured out a way of overcoming that. e.g. my many, many bannings. The many paypal a/cs I’ve lost, etc, etc. But each time IT REQUIRES MORE WORK… Since I don’t have reliable volunteers, I rather just sit down and do almost everything myself, regardless of whether the work takes days, weeks or months. I don’t just create content. In fact, the content I create is tiny compared to the actual amount of work that I do that nobody sees. I’ve had my sites hacked, and everything broken. I know the process, and until whites can learn from the Germans, the NAZIS actually, the critical importance of white discipline and labour and teamwork, we won’t go anywhere. MONEY is the FIRST THING the Jews shut down on. They go at it with the greatest of energy. This tactic is 99.99% successful in breaking most whites. But even small groups of whites who can survive that … go on to hurt the Jews and our racial enemies badly. I’ve seen this over and over again.

I think like an efficient, system-driven German. I know from actual life experience how to make things work, and I know it requires dedication. In effect, in a nutshell, one needs to begin building the bits and pieces that will eventually facilitate a global White Ethnostate community that is free of Jews and the friends of Jews.

95% of our actual work to free ourselves will require: SPREADING THE MESSAGE & EDUCATION. The other 5% is for near the end, when this game gets extremely dirty and dangerous. We can achieve 95% of our goals LEGALLY … but it will take lots of hard work and require years. If our enemies cannot trip us up before then, then they’ll go overboard to smash us. And, in my view, the sooner they try to smash us outright the better … because WORSE IS BETTER for whites.

Most people still think you can vote your way out of this or they can go to the mall or ask the banker for a loan or pitch up to the rich and ask them for some quick money. NONE of this works and even if you got part of it right, you would find yourself controlled by whomever lent you the money.

Anything is possible if you work hard enough and clever enough and you have the determination. But this is the only way. Thousands have tried other methods with mediocre, fleeting success and then eventually it fails. Alex and I and some others who’ve been at it a long time have found that if you do not WORK HARD at your politics and stuff, you’re going nowhere. Either you’re a RADICAL or you’re going NOWHERE!

I’m always watching people and testing people. Its a never ending story. You cannot trust anybody … That is a part of the nature of this nightmare. BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT WHITES ARE GETTING BETTER AND BETTER AT THIS!

There are many many things to do. None of it is easy. Very little of it is exciting. But the path to victory and survival is never easy. Jan.

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