My White-Shop: S.African gives feedback & explains why he can’t buy…

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This relates to my experimental, whites-only, Jew-free shop:

A South African wrote to me about why he can’t buy from my shop. Then I replied as follows:-

My shop is still experimental. The prices in dollars are too high for many Americans as well and I need to make improvements with time.

There are a few products that have potential.

Feel free to suggest to me items or products you would be interested in buying from my shop, because maybe I can stock something that others will like. Rather than guessing what others would buy, I would rather suggest you telling me what would interest you. e.g. t-shirts, books, posters, flags, etc, etc.

I do want to build up some stuff for sale in SA, but I would need some suggestions.

So feel free to make suggestions for products or features that would interest you. This is going to be a long, slow process, but its the only way forward.

I am well aware of the Rand/Dollar exchange rates. It is a problem and it will get worse.

I suspect the shop needs a South African side and an international side. The current items being the "International side".

It’s been a mission and a half even getting the bit of my shop up that I have.

But I need support from folks, as well as ideas.

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