My Thoughts: COVID IS AWESOME! – Covid has come to save Western Civilisation

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Video: STOP FARM MURDERS!!! Black Politicians are directly responsible for Farm Murders!
This is a short video I did which quickly gives you some background into farm murders and why I, and others say that Farm Murders are caused directly by black politicians. Here are many facts about Farm Murders in South Africa that you dont know!

These are notes I wrote for another post, but it deserves space of its own. Seriously. Covid is incredible.

This is what I wrote:

This is fascinating. In reality we’re most likely the one testing the most for COVID. The rest of Africa is not going to be as bothered by this. When I observe the non-Whites and probably the Whites too, I don’t see anyone panicked by it. It’s mostly a case of COVID BOREDOM! I observe the behaviour and the measures taken and I think most people are quite bored by these warnings. However, perhaps, in the years to come, COVID is going to assist us Whites. It seems there is no end in sight to COVID lockdowns and damage to the economy. I am liking this COVID thing. I think COVID is a Liberal creation which is going to DISEMBOWEL the Western world. Heck … what’s NOT to like? A silly disease that hardly kills, while the "preventative measures" destroy all of Liberal Multicultural Civilisation? Isn’t this AWESOME??? I think so!

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Video: APARTHEID: Why didnt White South Africans just slaughter MILLIONS of Blacks?
In this video we look at Apartheid in its proper context. Was Apartheid really intended to be VIOLENT? Were the Whites trigger-happy and keen to just slaughter Blacks in great massacres? Is the new South Africa more peaceful than under White rule?

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