My Boer Pagan Pal: Jews are Asiatics…


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I had a friend, whom I called my “Boer Pagan pal”. He was actually an aircraft missile engineer here in SA. He passed away 2 years ago. I attended what must be the only Germanic Pagan funeral that was ever held in South Africa and I have film footage of it. It was lovely – and conducted in Afrikaans too! My Boer Pagan pal said to me that when you are dealing with Jews, you are dealing with an Asiatic mindset. The Asians can be very wily and they can play word games and can lie too without having a problem about it. I often find myself thinking back to my Boer Pagan pal, and his observation that Jews have an ASIATIC mindset. This is true. These people are bloody aliens to our race. Our insistence on the truth is one of our most fantastic features. We are much deeper than these other people. We know the value of things. And the more I observe the Jews, I tell you, the notion that we are dealing with an ALIEN MIND, an Asiatic, weird mind in a European-like body, makes sense. Their behaviour is so weird and alien that most Whites just cannot grasp them. 

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