More Jewish Liberal Crap: The Fake Economics of Wealth Inequality…


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Video & Audio: Jack the JEWISH Ripper & the murders of Mary Phagan & Bubbles Schroeder
I look at famous unsolved crimes, each of which is filled with confusion and each of which has Jews as the main suspects in it. We look at how Jews protect each other and refuse to give evidence in crimes which implicate other Jews.

You’ll see the academics and economists are all studying wealth inequality in all countries and they’re busy trying to fix the wealth ratios. But all of this is just a bunch of Jewish nonsense. What the real goal is, is to make Whites poorer and make non-Whites richer. Meanwhile Jewish wealth and Jewish super-wealth never gets noticed.

This is really just a bunch of Jewish Communism in action based on the FAKE CLAIM that inequality is a crime that Whites commit against non-Whites and that it must be "corrected".

But in reality, look at how it’s implemented and you’ll see that this is yet another load of Jewish Bolshevik crap to steal from Whites and to enrich Blacks and others.

It’s yet more fake junk. It’s a fake science.

It’s just garbarge.

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Witchcraft is rampant across Africa. This story is incredibly weird and bizarre. Other Blacks said this Black guy was also having sex with a dog. This story makes for some insane reading. I published this on my old website.

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