LESSONS FOR WHITES: Whites WELCOME TO THE DARKNESS! (yes, literally) from Rolling Blacked out South Africa!

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The last few days ROLLING BLACKOUTS (aka Load Shedding) is back in Dumb South Africa where we struggle to do the obvious. Here we struggle to do things that were easy to do in Western society a century ago … but which now, is apparently problematic.

Our economy is battered, and yet, somehow, we don’t have enough capability to generate electricity.

Earlier this evening the lights went off. You get used to these things. If the electricity goes off at the top of the hour then you know its load shedding or, more correctly ROLLING BLACKOUTS. They must do this or else the ENTIRE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM WILL COLLAPSE.

I bought my generator about 16 years ago and it helped massively. But its more expensive to run than normal electricity, so in 2015, I began the process of learning about solar power and putting up MY OWN SETUP … what a wise action that turned out to be. I decided I will learn how to do everything solar related so I can keep my own lights on. I LEARNED A LOT in the process, and I can’t tell you how awesome it is.

So my generator is my backup but for most of the time I don’t need to use it. This is especially nice at night or when it’s cold and you aren’t keen to run around outside.

It’s very lovely when you can just switch over from one method of getting electricity to another. Solar and batteries have their drawbacks and it is expensive, but I love its long term stability. In that sense it’s better than a generator.

I use my solar as much as I can, but when it’s cloudy, then it’s much trickier, but one develops a "feel" for these things.

One thing I HATE, is that on some occasions the morons running the electricity have a problem bringing the power back on. So the power comes on and then goes off and then on again. This does not happen that often, but I know that these surges have damaged people’s electrical equipment. Just a few moments ago, when the damned thing was doing that I went and switched off all my electrical items at the board so that my equipment does not get damaged by surges. I will wait until a bit later, when the power is up properly and will then switch over to it.

I must tell you, some forward thinking, some struggling and learning, eventually has paid off. I am so comfortable with my own electricity that I do the darndest things at times. It really was worth the effort and pain.

My advice to Whites is: Multiculturalism will flop … think ahead, and slowly sort out your stuff. There’s no need to rush. Think carefully and prepare for the future. You’ll see how well things go for Whites.

I still want to do a video about Rhodesia, Germany and SA and the economic lessons from those struggles. You’ll see what really happens for Whites and the good stuff that will happen. We are FAR FROM FINISHED!!!

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