Important: Bitcoin & Crypto will NOT COLLAPSE … its too ENORMOUS… a shockingly excellent statistic


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Some people have been saying that Bitcoin can still collapse, and that crypto can be crushed. But I was looking at a bunch of articles from South Africa and they were very positive about crypto, even though, at this time, not that many South Africans use it.

One thing that really caught my eye though, was a statistic that blew my mind. A particular company operating in the Pacific, was bought out by an American company. This company does crypto. And they said that the goal was to now get 1 billion crypto customers!! Yes, 1 billion.

So I think there is nothing further to discuss. This stuff is too enormous.

I think Bitcoin will survive as per Alex Linder’s thoughts.

It’s definitely on its way. It can’t be stopped now.

And with Bitcoin surviving, so too will some of the other cryptos. Many or even most might fail, but ultimately there will be those that survive.

So this, I think is good news for whites.

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