IMPORTANT: Are Desperate White South Africans being scammed & cheated to get into Australia?


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Video: WTA02: NATOs Secret Wars: How Portugal fought Blacks in Africa with NATO and US help
This video also contains the fabulous story of how and why West Germany was quickly admitted into NATO after WW2. In here you will see how different European nations are, compared to America and weak Britain.

[I was chatting to a Boer, when I saw this rather shocking sentence in my communication with him. According to his note, he knows someone who was scammed by an ex-South African. But I'm not sure if it is a genuine ex-South African or an ex-South African JEW. Jan]

He wrote:
I see Australia as a real estate scam. People can get in as long as they invest millions into real estate and businesses. People I know got scammed into parting with millions, buying a dud business from an ex South African.

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Video: The Gods of War: Julius Caesar: Bravery can save you, Cowardice can KILL YOU!!
All Whites, including women should watch this. You will be amazed at what Whites were like 2077 years ago! In this video were not only look at a timeless lesson of war, but we also look at what Whites were really like. You will be amazed what White society was like in Europe and how Whites functioned.

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