How many Suidlanders are there? 700,000? Or down to/up to 100,000?


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A lady who was formerly a member of the Suidlanders told me this recently:

When we joined the SL about 6 years ago. My question to them was how many members do they have. The leader of east rand west rand then said that they are about 700,000 and are strongly approaching the million mark.

I am almost sure that I actually read that number on either their fb page or their website.

This is completely different to what Simon Roche said on the Chris Cantwell show which I phoned in on. I urge people to watch/listen to this. Its long but really good and you’ll hear lots of things directly out of Simon Roche’s mouth. Cantwell asked Roche about many things that Americans discovered about him and which I published on my website. You’ll see how accurate they were and how Roche confirmed many things, especially his shockingly close connections to the ANC. And if you listen REALLY CAREFULLY, listen to Roche when he talks about his “insurance” relating to the ANC. Listen carefully and THINK very carefully about what he is saying!! Here’s the link to the show:

In the above show, Roche says that the Suidlanders are now moving up to being 100,000 strong. But he also then explains his method of counting. He does not count people according to the number of members they have. He counts one person as a whole family! So how many members do they really have? Is it 100,000? Or 50,000 actual paid up members? Or less?

Compare it to what the lady above said. Does this mean that the Suidlanders were once 700,000 strong and their numbers have FALLEN? Or, were they lying? Or what?

I’ve heard numbers about the Suidlanders that differ to the above. I’ve heard numbers like 200,000. Last year, a Suidlander I trusted told me that in his view, the Suidlanders have about 40,000 “active” members. That was his estimate of how big they really were.

It would be curious to hear what other former Suidlanders have to say about this issue of the Suidlanders being the biggest “right wing” organisation in South Africa and what their actual numbers really are/were!

Perhaps the Suidlanders were much bigger once and their numbers have fallen and grown back up again? I don’t know.

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