Good guys come LAST: Whites need to get down & dirty & must play for *BIG CRUSHING VICTORIES*


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An American lady, in a conversation with me said this:

These idiot “white nationalists” are just another group of STUPID conservatives. If the candidate is not 110% what they think he or she SHOULD be (and, by the way, they don’t agree AMONG THEMSELVES what a candidate SHOULD be!) they become divided and go home. THAT’S HOW WE’VE GOTTEN WHERE WE ARE TODAY!

I’ll say this for the Left, they put up with people they hate if they can use them for their agenda. So Muslims live with feminists and gays and blacks live with Jews. Conservatives, on the other hand, won’t lift a finger if the person involved isn’t “pure!” That is why THEY will win and we don’t.


I replied:
Valerie, now you’re talking. The "pure" crap. Boy we had a lot of that here in SA years ago. But as Whites get more desperate that goes out of the window. You’re dead right. This is an offshoot of Christianity I’m afraid. And this WILL DESTROY YOU. This is a totally proven failure. I’ve watched that. That was a huge thing here in SA. In certain circles it still is, but those circles are dwindling in size because that approach is total garbage. What we need are FIGHTERS. People who get in and get dirty. You need people who get into the fight. Sitting and waiting never works. Another problem with purity is that the White mind is capable of endlessly finding fault. Some criticisms are valid and many are not that valid nor even important. The Left and the Jews win, BECAUSE THEY ARE FREAKING RADICAL. If they can’t win the election fairly then they cheat at it. If they can’t win with facts then they LIE. But they have one goal: WIN and WIN AT ALL COSTS. And until we adopt that mindset we won’t win. We need to transform into RADICALS and EXTREMISTS. The reason we are told constantly to NOT be RADICAL and NOT be extremist is because they don’t want us to win. But the winners are ALWAYS radicals and ALWAYS extremists. The Romans were radicals. Hitler was a radical. If you want to be a winner you need to roll up your sleeves and get the hell stuck into the fight. NICE GUYS COME LAST. And I’ve been watching it my entire life. I’m sick to death of it. All I see everywhere are liars, thieves, murderers, con men and assorted scum DEFEATING good men ALL THE TIME. It happens ALL THE TIME EVERYWHERE. I’m sick of it. Whites need to get down and get dirty and fight FIRE WITH BLOODY FIRE. I’m telling you, when the GOOD GUYS, start PLAYING DIRTY you will see how much we will win. We will astound and astonish and shock ourselves at how much we are going to win. You’ll be astounded by it. But, winning is important. In the WAR that is life, there are no rules. And we used to be the top people in this game. We used to win all the time. Now we have these stupid Jewish rules and assorted clap trap and nonsense that gets in the way of WINNING. We must *WIN* and we must *WIN BIG*. We must strive for *ENORMOUS CRUSHING VICTORIES* that shock and awe the world. That must be our mindset. And nobody can do it better than us. But we must be RADICAL and EXTREMIST and DETERMINED.

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