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Some very weird things have been happening on my websites.

My websites all went down for a period of 4 hours.

I was busy posting on my websites when I began to notice that my posts were not going online.

Some very weird errors were coming up which I had never seen before. I was contacting various technical people and looking into the issue myself.

All my websites were totally dead, and nothing was running. I saw errors that I had never seen before and couldn’t find solutions to them.

In my desperation I even began the process of setting up a new server so that I could move my websites there to try to get them up and running over the next day.

While I was busy copying and moving stuff and making new changes – to my amazement my websites all began running. That made no sense whatsoever.

When something is broken, it doesn’t fix itself. I have my own monitoring software and I could see that these problems were serious and ongoing.

I now have a theory that maybe there was some other problem that had nothing to do with my own servers. It was very bizarre.

I logged several technical tickets with my hosting provider regarding the things that have happened.

So suddenly, it is as if everything is up and running again. I will find out more. Everything seems to be running ok now.

I’ve not seen anything like this in a very very long time. I truly did not know what was going on. But I think it is a technical fault at my provider and that their fault caused my fault.

I think that when they fixed their problem, that it then fixed my problem. I’ve never seen anything like this before. I’m just too happy that my websites are running again.

I’ll monitor it all.


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