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In the 1970s Rhodesia came up with this logo with this cute little elephant. There were LOTS of elephants in Rhodesia and the Whites were proud of that. The classic elephant and flag logo used by the Rhodesian Tourism authority in the 1970s and 1980s to promote tourism to that country.

I’ve been saying for a long time that this Jewish Globalism is KILLING US WHITES. It is killing our people. It is allowing all kinds of garbage to control our lives. This Jewish Globalist crap has also created the illusion that the whole world is one happy shopping mall. Hitler warned about a world composed only of business.

I’ve been thinking about THE CHAOS for a long time and I concluded that at the end of the day, THE CHAOS would work for us Whites. I never discuss WHY I say this. But the CHAOS will allow Whites everywhere to do things that we normally are NEVER able to do. We need to do special things which we are NOT allowed to do under normal conditions. This can only come about during THE CHAOS.

I am pondering whether the Jews are trying to create WW3 and doing things to deflect attention away from them, while they run away with everyone’s money.

Even so, there are side effects that could be AWESOME.

There are a LOT of problems that are going to come out of this Ukraine war. I see huge numbers of Ukrainians are abandoning their homes. I am pleased that at least they will find sustenance in Europe. It is better that Whites can meet with other Whites than having Europe flooded just with non-Whites.

There is a lot of economic crap coming. What is most important to me is that we are seeing Jewish Globalism and financial whoring across the world coming to an end. And NO, every nation is NOT THE SAME.

One huge benefit that is coming from this, will be a return to NATIONALISM. When everyone finds themselves struggling due to 1001 different IMPORTS not being available, it will create massive opportunities in dozens of Western Nations to open up factories to build things LOCALLY. This will mess with prices and cause all kinds of hassles, but in the long term it is excellent. It will bring back industries to the Western world, to White people.

This also means that industries outside the West will collapse, and this can be EXCELLENT.

My best assessment is that you’ll see the Third World taking a beating like it’s not had. Interestingly, the Blacks here in Africa, especially South Africa think that life is just about shopping malls, drinking, fast cars, lots of sex, and money flowing like a river. If there are any people unprepared for this, it is BLACK SOUTH AFRICA.

Meanwhile Whites here, as always, are planning ahead and making moves. Whites always think ahead.

Russia and Ukraine produce 25% of the world’s wheat. Wheat, Sunflower oil and Sugar are going to be the things most impacted immediately. But so are computer chips, etc.

The idea of linking the West to the Third World and to Communist states is an idea I’ve never liked. I hate it. It is actually creating many problems for Whites and allowing Jews to fool everyone even more. It is much better if all this collapses. It will bring the West and Whites together.

The best news is last. And the best news of all is that finally, 6 months later, China’s Evergrande has defaulted. This is enormous. But as I’m reading and looking around … it confirms what I had been thinking, that China is nothing more than a Jewish Bubble, a Jewish house of cards, a bunch of pure BS. It seems as if INSANELY HUGE Chinese economic implosions are coming! YAY!!!!!

China is going to be hit by an economic train the likes of which nobody can imagine.

The HUGE WINNER ALL ROUND is going to be NATIONALISM. Nations will be forced to look after themselves. And I think that the Western World’s obsession with creating all kinds of businesses around the world outside of the West will take a knock.

If China can be imploded economically, this would please me intensely.

A lot of these issues here, have got some possible survival benefits for us Whites here in SA.

I like what I am seeing. Not all of it is going to be nice. But we are in great need of a shake up. And the impact of this OUTSIDE Europe will be huge. As bad as it is for Europe, I think the Third World might well have it much worse.

Third World success was itself mostly just smoke and mirrors and Jewish BS. So I welcome collapse.

It looks as if events are moving faster and faster. This is really great.

Just stockpile whatever food and ammo you need, and hang in there. It’s time for this world to make some serious new turns AWAY FROM LIBERALISM. That is what makes me the happiest.

We will soon see where the houses of cards are and how they implode. As for the many Black ingrates who never had a good word to say about Whites, or colonialism … those cry babies will be whining like never before.

The only negative is whether Jews have some plans for more war which can negatively impact Whites, especially Europe.

But the Economic WhirlWinds that are coming … will be wild. But when they have passed, I think ALL WHITES will survive it BETTER than the Blacks, than the Chinese, etc.

Jews will no doubt run away with as much of everyone’s money as they can steal. That’s why we need to be armed.

2022 looks like it’s the beginning of Wild Times. But when the dust has settled, I still think the West as a whole and Whites as a whole will weather the storms better than anyone else.

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