Depopulation: Will 2 billion people die from COVID Vaccines in the next 2-3 years?


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[This is a quick reply I wrote to a long time supporter who raised the issue about mass genocide of people. I understand the genocide theory, and I, myself, am very skeptical of the mrna vaccines. I will never take a vaccine. I also understand the animal studies that ended with all the animals dying from "immune over stimulation". I don't feel fully comfortable with the view that hundreds of millions of people will just die from the vaccine. I have watched videos and heard doctors say this. But I have certain doubts, and want to observe matters more closely including a few people I know who were vaccinated. Jan]

This is what I wrote to my supporter:

Thank you very much for writing to me.

David, I have seen some people talking of 2 billion. I’m not sure myself what’s going on. I’m trying to analyse it. Over here when I went for my annual medical checkup, I learned that my doctor and all the employees, including the White women I know in the pharmacy were all vaccinated. So since I go to the pharmacy once a month for chronics, and ALL THE STAFF – Black and White – were vaccinated, I will observe especially the people I know.

The mRNA concerns me and especially the topic of "over stimulating your immune system". Then there are the many other weird things like spike proteins, etc.

I, personally vowed to never touch any vaccine, and even my family and friends who are NOT AWAKENED – even they have ALL steered clear of the vaccine.

So those folks that I know who are vaccinated, I will watch them since I know them well. I want to see what happens to them in 2-3 years time.

I do find it EXTREMELY FISHY that a *PANIC* is being used to foist this vaccine on everyone. That’s very Jewish. There are many things in this who COVID nonsense that smell to high heaven of Jews.

I do worry what will happen in the USA where I think over 50% of people have been vaccinated. In Africa the vaccine processes, are so slow that it could take 5-10 years perhaps to vaccinate the Blacks – even though they want it. So it could be that Whites in the West, especially the FIRST WORLD are in the greatest danger.

There are many weird unknowns going on like with 911. And I am sure MUCH is being hidden from us. That should show that what is going down is NEFARIOUS and DANGEROUS to us.

I post a lot of COVID stuff on my site because wild stuff is coming up. I saw that a medicine called Remdesivir, which Americans are being prescribed in a big way, is also extremely dangerous and can kill you. I think it can damage your liver or kidneys. I forget which.

The main thing, is for people to stay away from the creepy vaccines, and look after their health… while we see what comes out. But I’m seeing wilder and wilder things coming out.

I do think we are also heading for White Revolution. I’ve never seen Whites this unsettled EVER. I like it. AND IF THEY DO KILL PEOPLE ON A BIG SCALE … then I think Whites will just go BESERK! BESERK! Then Whites will just begin killing people I think. If tens of millions of people drop dead … then I think you’ll see crazy stuff. And I am all for going over the cliff into the abyss … where the Monsters fight. That’s the ONLY path to FREEDOM.

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