Brilliant meme: Jewish Britain finally succeeds! – London in 2074 – My Comments


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Former Rhodesia: Mugabe rampage leaves 1.5 million Blacks homeless 30,000 arrested
When Black leaders do enormous things, Jews and Liberals never criticise them. The scale of what Mugabe did was incredible, but no Jew or Liberal ever screeched about it.

[This is the funniest memes I’ve seen in a long time. I truly hope that the real Whites of Britain can somehow save their country from their evil scumbag elite and that half-Jewish Royal Family of theirs. I do think that Britain will become the Jamaica of Europe and that all other Europeans will laugh at them, while the rest of the Europeans are doing the NAZI/Roman salute! Jan]

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Video: S.Africa: Untold Story: When Whites tried to build tens of millions of houses for Blacks
In this video I show some private photos that I have and I tell the story of how many times Whites set out to build millions of houses for Blacks in South Africa even under Apartheid, and how the ANC ruling party was spiteful and how they DESTROYED the efforts of the Whites.

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