BEWARE of Jews faking it as White Truth tellers…


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Just a note, I was reading a news article on a website called – and the main info came from a man with a Jewish sounding name. I checked up … yes a Jew.

BEWARE of Jews now moving in on the White Truth Telling Websites and starting to talk there “as whites” and giving out real info.

Never forget, as Hitler says: A Jew will only tell the truth in order to tell a bigger lie later.

One group of Jews is smashing us down to stop us from getting our message out while other groups of Jews in increasing numbers are moving in on our media.

I’m not sure if Whatfinger is also such a case.

As I’ve mentioned I don’t like the Jew Unz. I’ve never like the Lew Rockwell Jew.

BEWARE BEWARE OF JEWS MOVING IN. They’re seeing that we’re hanging in there and now they’re converging on our stuff.


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