COVID & Small Business: Hitler did not tolerate (((business monopolies))) – The first businesses he BANNED –

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In February 2023 I made a prediction that Putin will need to start conflicts on other continents, especially Africa.

[Some American friends of mine were talking about COVID and what a scam it is, they were quoting Mike King and Eustace Mullins in various ways. I responded with this. Jan]

I was chatting to another close friend who, due to the virus has not been able to visit me in ten months. He is over 70 and he was talking about what a scam the whole thing is and the horrific costs of tests in our part of the world. The real question is: What is the PURPOSE of COVID? He was over the view that COVID is here to DESTROY small and medium business. I think the same thing. I am viewing the corporate globalist businesses of the Western world as an ENEMY of all white people. The entire thing is a scam. He was telling me other things about other European countries he has excellent contacts with. What we have is OUT OF CONTROL (((Business))). They are destroying everything and they do NOT NOT NOT want to see the rise or the survival of the European Race. Professor Quigley, stated that as of 1900 that we are in the Age of Monopoly Business. Now Hitler was an ENEMY of monopoly business. The first businesses that Hitler BANNED were "chain stores" (e.g. supermarkets). He also banned businesses where (((traders))) totally controlled a market in a specific region. In South Africa we have a lot of big WHOLESALE businesses, and perhaps you have similar things in your part of the world, and these big businesses control almost an entire industry. It is common in SA for 3-5 businesses to control an entire industry. Business is NOT FREE MARKET stuff. That’s a huge lie. At least over here, and especially in BIG BUSINESS.

I think the Internet has given rise to the voice of the individual and I think (((they))) are out to get us all. Look at how the massive election fraud has been underpinned by BIG BUSINESS and BIG MEDIA … lying in UNISON and cheating the people of the USA.

I think that small white business, that is anti (((liberal))) is the only hope that we have for the future. That individual whites and small groups of whites can take on the (((mega businesses))).

I see the super rich, and mega-corporations as enemies of our race. They’re stealing our people blind. They’re cheating the white worker in every country on the planet. Cheating us out of what our people have worked hard for. Of course, when it come to the Germans … their intellectual achievements have been stolen from them so many times, its not true. They’ve been robbed blind since WW1 and before.

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