Are the Indian Guptas in South Africa actually Jews?

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[One of my American readers pointed me to a video on Bitchute that claims the Guptas in SA are Jews. Below was what I wrote back to the lady. Jan]

I wrote:

Hi xxxx,
Thanks for the video I’m downloading to watch later.

But there’s no way the Guptas are Jews.

They are Indians, and the Indians in Africa are like "Black Jews". I’ve said this before. But that does not mean they are actual Jews.

Most of them are MUSLIMS or they are Hindus. But they’re not Jews.

Also the Guptas were funding Jacob Zuma. Zuma is a hard core communist and the real (White) Jews HATE HIM. They support his opposition all the time.

Zuma got his funding from the Guptas, and it really pissed off the real Jews and also the White Liberals. They were attacking him and the Guptas endlessly.

We have Black Communists who are either buddies with the Jews or the Jews detest them. Interestingly, ALL of them HATE ISRAEL. Even the ones who are pro-Jew HATE ISRAEL.

There are strange bedfellows in Africa and it gets much more interesting. Not all is going well for either the Jews or the Blacks. A lot of their stuff is failing.

Zuma and the Guptas was an important break-away from Jewish and White Liberal influences. Now those Blacks are seriously split. They even try to kill each other. And as you’ve seen, the Black Jew Ramaphosa who is 100% backed by the "real" "White" Jews, has even tried to jail Zuma!

It’s all wonderful as our enemies fall apart.


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