Alex Linder: South Africa: Where Apes Rule Men – Trump Takes Note of Farm Thefts

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This video is about military secrecy. We study a documentary from 2011 when a lot of Area 51 information was declassified and when some people, including a high level CIA official were allowed to speak.I discuss my time when I was young when I was in the South African Navy and I handled Secret and Top Secret files and how these things work in real life.

[A Reader recently asked what happened to this post because he could not find it. This was originally posted on 25 August 2018. Alex Linder came up with the title! Jan]

The western press (jews and people who work for jews thus toe their line) was instrumental in destoying civilization (white rule) in South Africa. The minute political power was turned over to jew-trained communist blacks, the media lost all interest. Quarter century later, murders are out of control, the ruling coons cant keep water running or electricity on. Now they outright want to steal white farms – which is styled as legitimate taking back of what was illegally stolen from them. Even though there were no niggers in the ‘productive lands’ – they were up north. And the lands were only productive because of white know-how and hard work. Then the niggers came down for the jobs and usufruct. The only niggers in south african land were grub eaters running around the desert. For decades now, blacks have been murdering white farmers in particular, and in particularly nasty ways. Nailing them to tables and raping them. boiling their babies. cutting off the soles of their feet. These niggers have just seen Zimbabwe and Mugabe do what they intend. It starved the people and caused them to flee, because you can take a farm from a competent white man and give it to a retarded nigger, but the ground will just laugh and refuse to yield.

You can’t give anyone, of any race or class or station, power it’s incompetent to yield – responsibilities it can’t handle. Blacks aren’t fit for self-government, their IQ is too low. One man, one vote is death sentence for white civilization. Especially since the reality is that dollars > vote, and jews have the dollars. And jews hate whites.

This is all really pretty simple stuff to understand – once your mind is open to the possibilities, Kirksvilleans.


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