Accelerationism is the Answer: When the White man’s steel fist hits the Jews & Blacks


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This is from a message I was writing to some people in the USA:

Accelerationism is the answer. Just keep pushing… I’m convinced the Jewish/Black house of cards is not as strong as people think. Let them hit back and hit out at whites, harder and harder … it’s only going to rile up whites until someone on our side gives them a good pounding back, and then its lift off … Here in SA, the thing constantly on my mind, is looking for opportunities for how we can manoeuvre so that we can build a military force. You guys have your weapons. We have weapons too, but we need more and better stuff. In our case, my mind is on military stuff and the manoeuvres to get us better positioned. The ultimate goal here, is for us as whites to be able to take on the Army+Police. The day we can stand our ground on that, then we’ve got lift off. It’s going to be very tricky and dangerous, but I’m sure it’s doable, with enough determination and cunning.

In your country, if you wished, the white males have the power, in their hands right now even, to kill every single non-white in the country if they so choose, if they can get out of the starting gate (a difficult and tricky manoevre). But you have the numbers, the weapons, everything. You just have the Govt, the Elite, etc monitoring and blocking you. So the tricky manoeuvre is to get out of the starting gate. Once the white guys break out and they’re on a roll, you and the Canadians can make North America a whites-only territory if you wish. It’s very doable.

The great Jewish magic trick is stage-managing fake black success and fake white failure. That’s all that is holding whites up. Once we break into REALITY, where we can use our natural skills and weapons … our enemies will be fleeing for their lives.

The Jews may greatly regret the decades of endless provocation by them and blacks when white males hit them with a steel fist. Then you’ll see them crying like the cry-babies that they are.

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