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I had requests from people to continue with my race war series. I did 3 videos about it, but the series is actually intended to be much much longer, because there is a LOT of detailed discussions that I need to put into it. The first video in the series is called: South Africa: Can VASTLY outnumbered Whites survive (or win?) a Race War?

The original inspiration for the idea of a massive race war in South Africa came from my readings of the books on Siener (prophet) Van Rensburg in the early 1990s when the first little red book in Afrikaans came out. The idea fascinated me. In 1995 there was a man, Professor Lemmer, who was a scientist with 7 university degrees who was psychic and he was interviewed by a magazine in South Africa. I am probably the only person who dug into what he had to say. But by the time I eventually tracked him down, he had died and I went and spoke to his wife. I actually have a full copy of his unpublished book. Lemmer is an interesting character, but he was totally at odds with the people who push the stories about Van Rensburg. He said there was a political agenda behind the use of Van Rensburg. But there was one prediction by Lemmer that was fascinating. Lemmer told his wife one night that he had a most terrible vision of the future. Lemmer is interesting and his unpublished book is one of the strangest books ever written in South Africa. Parts of it is in English, and others are in Afrikaans. He died before his book could be published.

Between Van Rensburg and Lemmer and my own knowledge of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe/southern Africa’s wars, the idea of a full on race war fascinated me.

When I wrote Government by Deception (2001), I became obsessed with the idea of a full on white vs black race war and what could happen.

In my book, I devoted a chapter, called “The Whites Last Stand” to this topic. I did as much detailed analysis of the problem as I could.

I want to return to this topic because its utterly fascinating.

I think that the Suidlanders must have drawn some inspiration from my book though they never admit it because some aspects of their silly plans actually tie back to what is written in that chapter of my book. Two key concepts of the Suidlanders’ plan actually tie back to my book.

The one is a misunderstanding of one sentence in that chapter where I use the words “run away” and I talk about “abandoning” certain areas. The other has to do with a strategy I discussed in that chapter which has some interesting similarities to what the Suidlanders will do with their “secret orders”. (It has to do with their disparate groups gathering together and moving to a certain central destination that is sort of secret).

In The Whites’ Last Stand I did not want to give away all the finer details of things which I thought were VERY OBVIOUS when you read it carefully. I expected our enemies to also read the book. So I did not want to spell every bit out in detail. Yet, I was sure that what I had written was clearly obvious.

I was quite certain that I had made the case very clearly why we whites could not be slaughtered en masse and why and how it would be that we would be able to give the blacks a nightmare of a time and why we could even win.

The race war series of videos which I will finish, will go through everything in detail, and then you’ll see what my conclusions were about. But in the race war series I will ONLY focus on the whites, who are outnumbered 11:1, fighting the blacks. I will NOT go into the real nightmare we face which is the Anglo-American-Jewish axis who are the people most likely to actually kill us, if we were to stand up to the blacks. That’s a separate topic.

If you think the Anglo-Boer war is over, or that the whites, or even the blacks of South Africa are truly independent and “free”, then that’s a whole different discussion.

I want to address in these videos the military situation of the whites of South Africa if the blacks of South Africa were to want to fight us all out. That includes if the other blacks in Africa were to assist the blacks here in fighting us. Would we survive?

And I’ll explain to you the military/historical reasons why we have nothing to fear even in a worst case scenario. I’ve always said that if the blacks want an all out war with us whites, we should say to them: Bring it on! Give us your best shot! Try your luck … you big mouths!

So stick around. I’ll begin work inbetween my other videos on the ones that will take this series further.

In the meantime you can watch the 3 “background” videos I’ve done here: http://historyreviewed.com/?p=1807


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