2007: Gustav Muller and the Suidlanders scaring White people: The Night of the Long Knives


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[Here you can see one of my first replies in 2007 where all the issues raised by that clown Gustav Muller were coming up, and how I replied. Look at this woman who feared for her life and the life of her children. You can see what I told her. It's now 2022, and my answer is still completely valid. Jan]

Date & Time Posted: 2/8/2007

S.Africa: Lady asks: Night of the Long Knives

if so much is already known about this uhuru, please share more detail.

where is this coffin and what can we do to protect ourselves or at least try to have our children survive such an ordeal.

what did siener van rensburg say would be the outcome of such violence?

Hi Mrs K,
Don’t worry about Uhuru and the Night of the Long Knives. If it exists, trust me, the ANC would NOT tell you, when, where or the circumstances.

I am willing to bet money that these people who claim to know, will be proven wrong.

I hope Mandela dies soon, because I’d like to see this myth dispelled.

Another Reader requested more info on why I am skeptical about the Night of the Long Knives info which people are putting out now. I’m busy composing a long detailed reply and will post it soon.

Perhaps a good discussion of this Night of the Long Knives is worth having because I think people are being scared for nothing.

There might be a Night of the Long Knives, but I doubt anything about it, or any true plan will *EVER* be revealed. I seriously doubt the claims of these people. They are either making it up, or they might even be working for the ANC trying to scare people. It could be another type of terror tactic to try and make people run for nothing.

I’m not saying Siener is wrong – he might yet still be proven right – but I doubt that these people who claim to know – really know.

So much of this whole story just DOES NOT MAKE MILITARY SENSE – at least in the context in which it is being put out and sold to people now by this Gustav guy.

Source: http://archive.africancrisis.info/?p=110054

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