Why wasn’t Nelson Mandela hanged for his terror plot? Was the Rivonia trial RIGGED?

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I’m aware of the Rivonia Trial, which was a huge event, decades ago here in South Africa. The Black Communist, Nelson Mandela, and some Blacks were caught with a bunch of "White Jews" plotting to unleash 7,000 Communist Terrorists across South Africa. So all these Blacks and Jews were put on trial. I think Mandela was found guilty of treason. I’ve not looked into the matter in detail.

But I thought I’d just chat to some of the older people and I mentioned to them, that I find it strange, that Nelson Mandela was never hanged by the White Apartheid government. Back then, there was a death penalty. And Mandela was found guilty and put in jail. But then suddenly it was turned into a LIFE SENTENCE which is actually abnormal for the 1960s.

So while chatting to some older folks who are more familiar with it, one guy told me the name of the state prosecutor. The state prosecutor was apparently a JEW!!!!

Anyway, these older folks were telling me the trial was rigged and was truly a scandal actually. The one guy told me that everyone should have been hanged. But in reality NOBODY WAS HANGED.

So I’ll do a bit of digging into the matter. Because clearly there is some weird nonsense going on there in South African history.

I am suspecting that somebody put big pressure on the South African Government at the time. But who exactly? How did this work out? Was the trial rigged by the State Prosecutor?

Oh boy… this is an angle I had never thought of.

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