White People can change MASSIVELY… in a short space of time…


[This is from a bigger article I wrote about saving Europe. But I have seen to my amazement, in 20 years, just how much Whites can change. Jan]

I wrote this:
In my 20 years of running websites, I will tell you, I am seriously impressed at how PEOPLE CAN CHANGE. WHITES CAN AND DO CHANGE. And they change in a BIG WAY. It is possible to flip Whites in the same way that you can flip ballots! Whites can and do change MASSIVELY. It just doesn’t happen in a day.

When our people awaken, and become angry, they will TEAR THINGS DOWN. THEY WILL RIP NATIONS APART.

Once the White race grasps that it is heading for death, you’re going to see wild things.

We are a serious people. We will not do violence lightly. But when our people begin to do violence, you’re going to see very nasty stuff.

You seem to be unaware that people are quietly switching off, mentally, (red pilling), and "leaving the system". The system will eventually be an empty shell held up by Jews and non-Whites.

Watch it fall apart.

Alex Linder and I were doing a show yesterday. It will be online in the next day or so. I was telling Alex what Africa is actually like. It is very different from the propaganda. Very. Just earlier today I was at the post office and I ran into another White man and we got talking while waiting for an hour in the queue. He told me of his adventures in other parts of Africa, and we compared notes. And I remain firm in the things I am telling you all. Even the non-Whites don’t go for Liberalism. Nobody does. In the end, all this nonsense falls apart. I am adamant, that in our life times we’re going to see war. Actual war in Europe is still far away. The violence may come much sooner to the USA. But war is coming. In Africa, war is already an established feature of a number of black countries. Make no mistake, the 21st century is going to see blood running. Make no mistake about it.

I look at things militarily, and I repeat to you, that the White race has a tremendous amount of power. We just don’t use it. Cleaning up Europe or North America or any other part of the West is not going to be difficult once our people have woken up.

The wild side of White people may have atrophied, but it is still there. Watch out for it. It’s coming.

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