Welcome to pieville.net! The ONLY true free speech for Whites: Find Jan & Alex Linder there!

[I just signed up on Pieville. It is Alex Linder's social media. It is part of an enormous thing whites have just created called Mastadon. I'm there as @historyreviewed. You'll find @Alex_Linder there. Below is the welcome I got! 

We whites are busy creating enormous things OF OUR OWN! … without needing the Jewish scum at JewBook, JewTube, Twitter, etc. 
Feel the FREEDOM… and learn to feel what it is like to be WHITE! Jan]

Welcome aboard, historyreviewed!

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One thought on “Welcome to pieville.net! The ONLY true free speech for Whites: Find Jan & Alex Linder there!

  • 11th Dec 2019 at 1:01 pm

    Higher education might best be an ability to ask the right questions and know where the answer lies. So few alt right have asked what was Colonialism and was it forced upon protestant liberated Europeans. My grandfather a Scott was called by a Freemason of Salisbury to go to Africa and build a life for himself and his family. He was the youngest and so as was the colonial norm he studied draftsmanship and followed the Masonic piper. My question is why do Jewish websites pay close attention to Jews and colonialism. Years ago you could type in Google search engine and find great ideas about Voortrekkers and Jews and also Afrikaners and Jews. Well sadly that is no longer the case.
    Not to start a conspiracy theory why did our ancestors up and go. For that matter most European nations at the same time. My hypothesis is they wanted land and small government. Low tax and self sufficiency from the European Jew bankster economic model that left them as nothing but industrial Feudal serfs with no hope or future. I wish a historian could embrace this past and explain factually. It is not normal for a whole continent and race group to have a light bulb effect and want to relocate at the same time. It is like the globalization of our nations we got screwed in Europe a second time. What factors lead to this disaster of the European folk. Facts of importance.
    Who own the Banks Central to our economies.
    Who owned the media enough to influence this forced evacuation.
    Why did Voortrekkers complain of Lithuanian Jews who were not dutch lenders of money and traders.
    Why the Jewish slave trade was palmed off as a White slave trader affair.
    Why the old money capital was so careful to create this regeneration of failed civilizations.
    Why do old BBC documentaries say that Cecil John Rhodes brought the Jewish slave mining system from Brazil and created Apartheid in South Africa.
    Why Jewish mines in Rothschild country (Brazil) use Angolan blacks on their slave mines.
    Why Jews were behind every revolution and war in the modern era. Were they behind the colonial and globalization projects.
    Why Jews colonized Palestine right at the end of this Colonial undertaking.
    If Jews were the prime mover of this venture how did they benefit? Mining and Railways and Slavery Banksterisim and Dual national free world tinkering merchants that subdued the weaker races using our gifts and then revealed themselves and liberator/ socialist/ commie traitors. Did they plan this all along to scapegoat the European hard work. Europeans never wanted integration in South Africa but Jews pushed them into the townships where they had no housing just shitty little shacks.

    Someone must know this history and is able to give us a Jewish influence regarding this treason toward our race and ethnic righteousness.?
    Do we have a right to know and explain to those who felt we were scum to uplift their miserable lives?
    Ought we not demand recognition for this interference and garner some empathy? Yea even reperations for this mighty undertaking. Yes folks its magic when you see the Pinyadah and ask how did that get there. History is a Jewish crap hole and we must no longer take Jewish scapegoating but rather illuminate the facts.
    Take South Africa:\
    Jews found and fund the ANC
    Jews caught with terrorist Madeba confessed and charged as guilty.
    Jew writes the new constitution.
    Jewish Board of Deputies writes the bill on hate speech/ No antisemitisim is highlighted beyond.
    Jew now writes the new Land theft law.
    Jew now owns Reserve Bank of ZA.
    We must expose the Jew created ANC as Moa Ze Tong was funded by the bastards.
    Jews and Colonialism as well as globalization it seems it is their wish to stuff with all no Jewish lives and then accuse.
    Godspeed and I hope a historian can expose this in more a more articulate manner.
    If they were involved as I suspect then we may say he is your enemy and is an Amalikite.


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