Video: VERY IMPORTANT: The Coup D’etat & betrayal of President PW Botha by FW De Klerk & Pike Botha – PW Botha w ord verraai, en so ook ʼn misleide Volk

[This little video is extremely important. Someone put it together using a free product, so at regular intervals you will hear an english voice coming over and interrupting the dialogue. And the speech is in Afrikaans, but read the subtitles. This is the first time I've ever seen anyone finding film footage from that time. In there, PW Botha resigns because his Ministers, namely, FW and Pik, are now just doing their own thing without asking his permission or speaking to him. Also, he tells there, how they want him to resign and want him to use his health as the fake reason for his resignation. This was a bloodless coup d'etat against PW Botha. But there was even more than this. I wish we could get all the video footage of that time. But here is the first ever film footage that I've seen someone put together from back then. There is much more to this than meets the eye. There are also the BUSINESSMEN and their open, treasonous meetings with the ANC!!! That's a whole other story – Chris Ball of Barclays Bank!!! Oh Boy!! All kinds of Liberal and Jewish nonsense that was going on. Jan]

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