Video: The Worst Decision in White South African History: Unbanning of the ANC

This was a very bad move by that fool FW De Klerk, the last White leader of South Africa. The ANC are the Black Communists who rule South Africa to this day. We are a One Party State. Make no mistake about that despite the endless claptrap that people talk about "democracy, democracy". What most people don’t know is that when the ANC was unbanned they went on the greatest killing spree among BLACKS that has ever taken place in South Africa. That unbanning the ANC resulted in a secret race war where the Whites had to quietly killed lots of Blacks. But the ANC was the prime mover and shaker. They were slaughtering all their enemies like crazy. None of this was ever mentioned in public. I only uncovered this myself a few years ago.

Here’s the video:

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