Video & Audio: The Jewish Role & Exploitation of the Corona Virus epidemic

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Here we take a look at the ex-Jew, converted to Christianity, Brother Nathaneal. He was created by Jeff Rense. In 2010, when I was at Jeff Rense’s house, he showed me a video of this strange looking fellow. That was the first time I saw Brother Nathaneal. Jeff Rense had been on TV earlier in his life. He taught Brother Nathaneal, how to do videos that would get the message across. Rense, in his own way, was among the first to quietly expose the Jews by hiding behind the label that he was only exposing Zionists.

Brother Nathaneal has done a lot of good by exposing many of the internals of how Jews think and behave.

His take on the Corona Virus may be a little over the top, but he does make many good points about the Jewish scum.

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