S.Africa: Postal System collapse: 80 million postal items in backlog – No parcels coming into SA!

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The above photo is from a few years back when the blacks were also screwing up the postal system. That was one of several photos doing the rounds a few years ago.

The blacks go on strike and they’re full of communist nonsense and the Post Office is sinking. There’s a lot more I can tell you about our stupid postal system.

Before this total collapse some time round the middle of the year, I actually conducted a test by posting 2 letters from the nearest Post Office to my street address. I put pages with dates inside the letters and watched how long they took to arrive. The post office is 8km from my house. The one letter took over 2.5 months to reach my house! Yes, it took almost 3 months to reach my door … a distance of a mere 8 Km!! No kidding. A SNAIL COULD HAVE DONE IT FASTER!!!!

In about May 2019, I received a traffic fine by email. I had a few traffic fines for some of my long distance driving last year. But when I received the traffic fine by email it included the following statement. It stated that it was believed that 80 million postal items were backlogged in our stupid postal system.

If it was 80 million then… I don’t know what its like now.

The situation is dreadful. There was a very important book I wanted, which was due to have been delivered to me by an American courier company … It was due to arrive on 5th July. Its now 12th August and nothing! Even the US Courier company told me that they had no idea how long the parcel would be held up by our customs people.

So its not just the postal system that’s totally died… but also the whole process of getting it past customs.

Here’s the email I got for my traffic fine and you can see what they wrote:

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