Video & Audio: The Big Battle: How White Rhodesians relearned warfare the Ancient Greek way


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Modern Western War is really a direct offshoot of the intensive, decisive, quick battles that the Ancient Greeks waged among themselves. This has become known as “Conventional Warfare”, compared to “Guerrilla” or “Terrorist” warfare.

I describe how, in 14 years of struggle for freedom, the whites of Rhodesia changed and matured in their military methods. How we evolved, became more experienced and finally, more used to combat and then one day, at the behest of a senior officer, Ron Reid-Daly, we began engaging in large scale cross border raids, which were short term, temporary invasions and attacks on black states from which large numbers of black terrorists came.

I discuss the evolution from small scale fighting to The Big Battle, and how, amazingly, this worked for Rhodesians even when we were outnumbered over 50:1. In fact, the attacks that Rhodesia pulled off, were, by normal military logic, IMPOSSIBLE. Yet, they worked perfectly. I describe why whites should be confident, even when massively outnumbered by blacks.

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