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Video: When Belgium, White Africans & Blacks fought the Evil Communist Loving UN
This is the strange story of how the Belgians were forced out of their own colony by the globalist United Nations and how America sided with communists. Facing them were Blacks who were supported by the Belgians, South Africans and Rhodesians.

[Here are some important quotes from the Jewish Talmud. Judaism as a religion should be made ILLEGAL in all Western countries. The Spanish did just that in 1492, and for 500 years it served them well. Any reasonable white person, who understands the Jews and that hideous, filthy religion of theirs, will realise that Jews should be driven out from any white nation. Coexistence with this race of scum is just sheer madness. Jan]

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Video & Audio: Jack the JEWISH Ripper & the murders of Mary Phagan & Bubbles Schroeder
I look at famous unsolved crimes, each of which is filled with confusion and each of which has Jews as the main suspects in it. We look at how Jews protect each other and refuse to give evidence in crimes which implicate other Jews.

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