Jewish assessment of the efficiency of Whites versus Blacks

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In February 2023 I made a prediction that Putin will need to start conflicts on other continents, especially Africa.

In recent months while doing a lot of reading and research, I came across something that I found very interesting. It was from Jews in South Africa. Unfortunately, during all my reading I did not make a note of where I found it. So I’ll keep an eye open for it next time.

But I recall reading that Jews rated Blacks as being 70% to 80% as efficient as Whites. I can’t remember the exact figure but it was in that ballpark. It made me chuckle and smile.

I then wondered how the Jews arrived at that. I reckon it has to do with the Jewish businesses in South Africa and the lower level jobs that Blacks and Whites did and that this is how the Jews came to this conclusion.

This would then explain many things with regard to how the Jews view Blacks and Whites.

When I look at the Blacks and Whites I see things very differently. I look at their intelligence and problem solving ability and I see a huge chasm of difference between Blacks and Whites.

It surprises me that the Jews arrived at this number and how even they can believe it.

So I’m not fully sure how much of this is just Jewish propaganda or whether Jews themselves are this stupid. There are many times when I think Jews are genuinely stupid.

Either way, I just smile and laugh at their conclusion. It is the same as Hitler would laugh at the concept of "Jewish Science".

I just laugh at it all. I can’t wait for the next race war.

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