The White Race: The Importance of the Family: Napoleon & Hitler our family friendly rulers

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[Someone sent me a link to an article about the Family in the Western world. So I thanked them. But I wrote these comments. Jan]

I wrote:-

Napoleon apparently also concluded that the family was the core of the nation. But I’ve not yet found any writings where he makes these statements himself.

Hitler recognised this with great intensity as well and was probably the most family-friendly ruler in western history.

Napoleon was able to survive longer than Hitler and was able to change Europe much more.

Hitler wasn’t given a chance. Napoleon was at it for 20 years and Hitler only 13.

And another thing we’ve lost is a lot of Hitler’s insights whereas there’s a more voluminous record of Napoleon’s views.

But it must be said that Hitler faced greater odds than Napoleon. Having the entire world against you is no joke.

Thanks again for this article. We need to return to living and behaving in accordance with our natural selves.

We’re not Jews. We’re not shopkeepers – except for the British. As a people we’re something else – nationalist/militarists.

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