The Traitor & Weakling: FW De Klerk … various info coming… The loss of White Power in South Africa


In the light of De Klerk’s death, I’ll be publishing a bunch of things including various videos and I want to make some points about De Klerk and what he did and what I think his motivations are.

I regard De Klerk as a fool. I don’t like his analyses, and he also quotes Rhodesia and Ian Smith.

It is well worth studying what he says. I watched a few videos where he speaks and I can see his arguments which contain within them various junk which would fool most audiences.

The question should also be addressed: Should the Whites of South Africa have surrended?

And what, anyway, were the long term plans of the "Ruling Class" of White South Africa, before De Klerk pitched up?

All these things need to be looked into.

I think he was an idiot and a weakling.

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