The Greatest Traitor of the Whites: President FW De Klerk’s father’s dark secret?

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There’s an old Boer lady I know who was very politically active for the White Right, throughout her life.

Recently I was chatting to her about FW De Klerk’s death when she mentioned something interesting that I’d not heard before.

Keep in mind that when PW Botha was quietly kicked out by FW and his buddy Pik Botha and their pals, that in the media, FW was described as a "staunch conservative". They misrepresented him to us as being someone who is firm and strong and would defend our interests. As time went by, nothing could be further from the truth. So keep this in mind.

According to the old Boer lady, FW De Klerk’s family was VERY LIBERAL actually.

But here’s a strange thing. She says that FW De Klerk’s father had a child with a Black woman during the time of Apartheid when it was illegal. She told me that this child was then sent off to Rhodesia.

I don’t know any more … It would be an interesting story to follow up on. But I assume, given how long ago this was, we’ll never know.

If De Klerk’s family was very Liberal, that might also help to explain why he had such good globalist links when he sold out the Whites of South Africa.

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