The Great Crypto Crash of 2021? Filthy Disgusting Elite & Jews might be smashing & crashing all crypto down right now…


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I’ve been following the crypto market with great intensity, especially Bitcoin and Etherium, the two leaders.

There is no question in my mind that the Jews and elite are deliberately smashing the market. I mean DELIBERATELY. I don’t think this is an accident.

Let me explain this: Bitcoin, Etherium, etc were all rocking and heading to go to incredible new highs. There was nothing whatsoever "wrong" with the market. The market was functioning fine, and people like Max Keiser were crowing about the end of fiat currency.

So why are Bitcoin and Etherium falling like ROCKS?

There’s only one simple answer: Very high profile BAD NEWS has been coming out at a regular rate of one enormous piece of bad news every 2 to 3 weeks. And it’s been going on since April.

And the news has been getting weirder and weirder. All of it is BAD NEWS. And just as the markets recover from the previous bad news and have stabilised, then the next piece of news goes in.

All of the bad news is totally manufactured and has no logical basis really.

e.g. Elon Musk talking about the need to stop crypto mining because it damages climate, etc. That’s total rubbish. That’s just manufactured junk. Everyone thought it was a strange thing to say.

Among those who put out news that was designed to smash Bitcoin were: Bill Gates, Elon Musk (twice) and even President Biden. I think the Jewish hag, Yellen, is also in the mix. She was against Bitcoin for a long time and I think she’s behind the talk of bringing in the IRS, etc.

Because Bitcoin is the "Gold" of crypto, whenever it falls others fall. But, just in the midst of all the beatings that Etherium was taking due to Bitcoin’s beatings … suddenly, the Etherium foundation comes out with a statement that is almost identical to the nonsense Musk spoke about. They spoke about how mining will change and Etherium will NOT BE MINED ANY MORE. Now this is a project they’ve been talking about for years. But suddenly they announce that it is very soon, and will happen next year.

The biggest crypto mining operation is actually Etherium. There are a LOT of people with a LOT of money invested in it – almost exclusively White Nerds. Suddenly the rug is pulled right from under their feet. Now, even Etherium, which was holding out well, is in total free fall. All these things have been slamming home, week after week. I’m telling you this is no accident.

I don’t believe this is an accident. This has been a deliberate campaign that’s been getting very high profile news until it unnerved people and people began panicking. BUT ALL THE PANIC WAS MANUFACTURED OUT OF THIN AIR AND PUSHED BY THE JEWISH MASS MEDIA.

The Jews and the Elite are not people you can reason with. THEY ARE IN CHARGE and they make the rules. My own thinking is this:

1. Bitcoin was unquestionably, by all measures, even from normal economists, was heading to $100,000 SOON. It was merely weeks away and at most months away. Max Keiser predicted that it would hit $200,000+ due to the collapse of a big central bank like maybe the EU bank.

2. The Dollar is falling like never before because of the insane printing of money that’s occurred in the last 18 months.

So why are Bitcoin and the whole crypto market, especially the two main leaders: Bitcoin and Etherium crashing like this?

My answer: The System can NEVER allow itself to be beaten or defeated by other upstarts. It cannot allow it. This is how all organisations work. Imagine where this was heading to: The US Dollar in a terrible state, and people beginning to pour wildly into the crypto market in an effort to save their money. It was on the edge of the credibility of the US dollar versus the credibility of an invention, by a bunch of mostly, White, computer nerds. The computer nerds were beating the Fed and the entire banking system. THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED. Therefore, the system hit back to smash Bitcoin. Why? Because as weak and pathetic as the US Dollar might be, if the PERCEPTION is allowed to grow that Bitcoin and crypto currencies are better, then vast amounts of money will go into the crypto world. The crypto world will gain a massive amount of respect. And that will lead to an endless, massive flow of money away from the Dollar, and away from the Banking systems into something that is hard, if not impossible to control. It is MY VIEW that they decided to smash Bitcoin before it flew higher to $100,000. They need to BREAK ITS BACK in this cycle and I think that’s what they’ve done.

I could be wrong. I hope I am wrong. I hope that Max Keiser is right and that in October-January, that we will see Bitcoin breaking records. I truly hope so.

But my concern when I look at the charts is that they may have broken the back of this rise. I’m not sure if these markets can recover from these beatings. At least not now. Maybe in 1-2 years time things will be much better. But I think their goal was to BREAK ITS BACK before it flies above $100,000. I noticed on the charts that whenever Bitcoin was hitting $60,000 it was as if suddenly, it would be hit by bad news – as if, $60,000 is a level that it must NOT be allowed to go above.

We will see in the weeks ahead. But the beatings are nasty. The Etherium one, at a single blow, almost destroys Etherium mining. It literally wipes out an entire industry in one fell swoop.

We will have to watch this space. I hope Max Keiser is right, but when I look at the charts, I think a recovery this year might already be impossible.

In the same way that the filthy, evil scum stole the Presidential election through lies and tricks … that’s what’s happening here.

There was nothing wrong with Bitcoin or crypto at all. *ALL* the things that came to drive it down came from high profile, Mass Media stories. And that it all came, one after the other, week after week – there was an agenda I’m telling you.

The goal in my view was for them to save the dollar and they’ll do it in this way. They will say: Yes the dollar is not in good shape BUT BITCOIN AND CRYPTO ARE IN WORSE SHAPE!!!! And that is how the Elite will walk away with the dollar still being the main currency. Though they won, like in the election, through trickery and lying and cheating. But hey, that’s what the filthy Elite and Jews do I’m afraid.

For Whites in the long term, I’m warning you, this will come down to a fight one day – with bullets. I’m not kidding you. The Jews and Elite will NOT allow us to win by fair means. Never. They will play DIRTY any time they need to because WINNING is ALL THAT MATTERS! That’s how the world really works.

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