The filthy South African Jews who rushed off to resettle in Australia: Jewish Rabbi BILLIONAIRE owns Australian mines

[This is what I wrote to an Australian supporter. Jan]

I look forward to anything you can find re: aus. I’m sure LOTS of Jews are there from SA, the shitbags. I even knew one factory owner who sold his factory in Johannesburg and buggered off to Australia in 1995. Back then I did not know what a bunch of dirt bags they were. Race of shit, rushing off, leaving us to the wolves, and they bugger off to other climes where the going is good. Race of filth. I believe there is a Jewish Rabbi BILLIONAIRE who owns a LOT of Australian mines!

Also, I have a video coming up, "Sexual blackmail". You’ll see it is a wild story from Australia. You might even know the Jew involved. I found it to be an incredible story of a Jewish bloody criminal doing the bloody hell as he pleased AND totally corrupting parts of your country. A typical filthy high level Jewish criminal.

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