The Corona Virus #TOTALSCAM … Its total nonsense


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S.Africa: Oprahs Embarrassing Girls school could end up expelling more
One of the Black girls was sent to Tara Hospital which is basically a mental institution. Oprahs, school had many problems... later they just did everything in secret and there‘s a lot of security. It still exists.

I did not want to dig into the medical side of things regarding corona. But a supporter sent me something really excellent about vitamin c. Then as an afterthought before I put it out, I decided to research vitamin c more, including speaking to an American lady I know for long who has survived cancer multiple times. This led me to more and more stuff. And I’ve also taken a look at what Bill gates has to say. My opinion is now totally firm that what we have here is an enormous scam that will do unbelievable economic damage for no reason whatsoever. This is a complete scam. I will show you more. I’m winding up a video and audio about its impact.

If this was a real health problem, they could very easily have got doctors and scientists to tell you a few simple things. They could have made vitamin c and other things cheaply available to the public and told everyone to go to work. Again, data from Europe, in this case, Germany, also makes this thing look like total nonsense. Everyone could have gone to work and carried on normally. This world wide lock down, had some big ulterior motives. None of this lock down is needed. This entire thing is just a gigantic scam for other motives. It makes me think the super rich are out smash everyone and gain greater power over everything. This is not a medical emergency. And watch bill gates. He is up to something. He donated $100 million and he resigned from all the boards he is on. He is up to a lot of nonsense.

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Video: Levels of Betrayal: The Jewish Nightmare nobody is expecting...
I also discuss how in South Africa, the National Party betrayed the AWB. In this video I discuss the concept of Jews using Whites to destroy other Whites. But in the end, ALL the Whites end up losing, including those who worked to destroy the Right Wing/Racial Whites.

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