The Blacks who fought Rhodesia & the Portuguese are now going HUNGRY! – White Colonial FOOD EXPORT!

[Zimbabwe used to be called Rhodesia. And Mozambique was a Portuguese colony. Here's a news report below. During Colonialism, under white rule, Africa was a FOOD EXPORTER. Yes, I know it sounds hard to believe but it's true. Jan]

Zimbabwe, Mozambique in hunger crisis. The world’s hunger problem is worsening and some nations in Africa and the Middle East could soon slip into famine as conflict, economic hardship, weather extremes and the Covid-19 crisis limit access to food, says Bloomberg. That’s the warning from the United Nations, which said areas of Burkina Faso, northeastern Nigeria, South Sudan and Yemen face famine if conflict escalates and humanitarian access is further cut in the coming months. Food insecurity is rising globally and another 16 countries are at high risk of more acute hunger, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation and the World Food Programme said. Its map of hot spots includes South Africa’s northern neighbours Zimbabwe and Mozambique.


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