Terrified White Afrikaans woman writes to me… She wants to FLEE from S.Africa ASAP

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[While going through emails and replying to people I came across this one. This will give you an idea how frightened some people are, and you can’t blame them. This woman just wants to run for her life. I have replied to her. Jan]

Received on: 2018-01-16 :-

Good Evening,

My name is xxx, I am a white South African female 48 years.
I came across your article on sponsors from the US while googling for refugee status.
I have navigated the site but don’t see a category for sponsor ship.
I am desperately trying to get out of SA, I have given myself a year and half to try accumulate as much cash yo try flee SA, I have been a victim of violent crime so this situation is very real for me. I firmly believe we have till the next election(2019) after this election it is my opinion our worst nightmare will be realized(as per J malema) for myself I live in constant fear and been a single white female having already experienced violent crime the prospects of what is going to unfold terrifies me.
I have looked at heading to Belize then apply for refugy status, however our weak rand to dollar makes been able to survive beyond getting approval is a Everest to climb.
Any info you can supply would be of great help.
I would like to donate to this cause as it is very real even if half the white population have rose colored glasses on, but again until you experience hate crime you are of the opinion it won’t happen to me.

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