FREE eBook: The Great South African Land Scandal

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Ten Years After Apartheid (1994-2004): The Raw Facts
This is an article I wrote in 2004, exactly 10 years after hideous Black rule descended upon us. In here are lots of statistics and short bullet points showing the nightmare that South Africa had descended to under Black Communist rule.

I’m giving away a FREE eBook of The Great South African Land Scandal. This book is the best expose of so-called “Land Reform in South Africa” ever written. Sadly, it was written in 2004 and there’s been no follow-up of it. Even so, this book will shock and astound you. Adriana Stuijt used to give this book away on her website and I used to give it away on AfricanCrisis.

This book will show you some of what they’ve been hiding from everybody. In this book you will see back then, after 10 years of ruinous black communist rule what they had already been doing here in South Africa. This is what they’ve been hiding from the whites of South Africa and everyone overseas! Goodness only knows what horrors have unfolded since then.

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I have been experiencing some problems with email from my websites in recent weeks. If you don’t get the book I will email a copy to everyone a bit later.

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USA‘s No 1 WHITE Racial Prisoner: Reverend Matt Hale
Please help Matt Hale. He was a Reverend in the Church of Creativity. Learn about the despicable story of what Jews did to him! He will be in jail for 40 years WITHOUT EVER HAVING COMMITTED A SINGLE CRIME!

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