Suidlanders website activity all time low – Simon Roche as busy as ever seeking money

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Die Boere Staat Party
Van Jan: Dit is die ENIGSTE politieke party in Suid-Afrika wat ek sal ondersteun. Ek het hul leier ontmoet en ken hul geskiedenis. *ALLE* ander Politieke Partye in SA is ‘n totale mors van tyd vir Blankes. Hierdie politieke party gee om vir Blankes. Hulle s: Ons veg vir ons Volk se Vryheid en Veilige voortbestaan in die nuwe Suid-Afrika!

SUIDLANDERS: Good news. Well, for the first time in a long time, I was checking the activity on the Suidlanders 2 websites, and they have never had LOWER activity than I saw today. I looked at how Alexa ranks them. Alexa is the main company that has a proper method of ranking all websites and determining who gets the most traffic. Suidlanders are at the lowest I have ever seen them. Both their websites are very dead in terms of activity. So people are NOT going to them. Though, Simon Roche is clearly very active overseas. I had someone ask me if they should donate money to the Suidlanders, and also asking me if I think the Suidlanders can/will make a difference. And my answers to them will be NO and NO. No, don’t waste your money on them. And NO they definitely will NOT make a difference. But I must say, in all the years I’ve looked at Suidlander website activity, I’ve never seen it so low. And that is good. The less notice people take of them, the better.

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White South African Murders page: Murders of Whites from 1996 to 2016
On this page, are collections of the names and details of Whites who were murdered during the period 1996 to 2016. The true number of Whites killed in South Africa since 1994, is stupendous, and nobody has got even a fraction of all the names. But this is the most comprehensive collection that the Boere State Party has currently. My own attorney told me that he thinks 100,000 Whites have been murdered during Black rule.

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