STUPIDITY AT IT’S FINEST: Electric Cars for South Africa – Despite 15 years of electricity rolling Blackouts


I read news reports and can’t help but burst out laughing. It is as if, in South Africa, no matter how ridiculous the situation is, the Blacks and the Government act as if they are able to keep up with the world – when in fact it should be as clear as daylight that they can’t.

The government is going to work towards letting us increase the number of electric vehicles on the roads. I am looking forward to the laws changing making it easier to import electric vehicles. But the truth is that we have ZERO INFRASTRUCTURE for any of this.

But the best is that South Africa has been experiencing electricity rolling blackouts for 15 years now, and lately, with COVID, it is getting much worse. It has never been as bad as it is now.

But electric vehicles will need electricity and charging…! So how will we handle that?

I have noticed on many occasions that the Blacks carry on as if everything can be done, when in fact they can’t do the simplest things. And their own ability to do things just gets ever worse.

I find it utterly hilarious.

Another thing is that South Africa is a big country but not with the kind of human density of Europe or even America. So that also makes EV’s more impractical, except for a handful of people.

Rest assured it won’t happen.

This country is collapsing, but the Blacks, Jews and Liberals act as if it is not collapsing.

They’ve been engaging in this charade for years.

Clowns and fools. That’s the story of South Africa AFTER White rule disappeared!

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