South African Riots & Violence: Junk analysis Phase 2 attacks on Police stations

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I was looking at some other analyses that came out of South Africa. I will not say where and who it comes from about preparations for a Phase 2 attack by the Blacks which will target Police stations, etc and perhaps even reach here in the region I live in, which is Johannesburg/Pretoria.

I do get so irritated when people cry wolf and claim things are worse than they really are.

The violence is over for the most part. The cleaning up has already begun in Natal. And the vast majority of the real violence happened in Natal. The really nasty, really wild stuff happened roundabout 12th July and the next 2 days. The main combatants were Blacks versus Indians, but Whites were also involved.

The Zuma crowd DID try to start attacks outside Natal in other provinces like the Cape, but they flopped.

Anything from 1,500 to perhaps 3,000 Blacks have been arrested and a bunch of instigators have been arrested or turned themselves in.

A critically important thing that is of interest to me, has to do with the Communist War Veterans who are working with the White traitor and communist, Carl Niehaus. They are serious and are dangerous and they back Zuma.

People who think that mass imminent attacks are coming are vastly overstating the matter.

We are entering a lull which will exist for quite some time. The key issue remains Zuma who is in jail. His supporters as well as the communist War Veterans are organising all these actions in support of him. This is a power struggle. They are basically trying to scare the Black Jew Ramaposa’s faction into backing down and not letting Zuma go to jail. That’s all this is about.

The attack on Natal and Johannesburg was an attack aimed specifically at the wealthy whom the Zuma crowd and communists see as the allies of the Rampahosa faction.

I am still trying to determine more clearly, what the goals and orders of the conspirators were who planned all this stuff.

It is very true that a *LOT* of the fighting to hold back the WORST of the attacks was conducted by Whites and Indians in militia forces. This is a fact. By the time the 25,000 Troops arrived, 90% of all the action was over.

The Police were much more active than the army which Ramaphosa deliberately tried to keep out of the fight. The army went in on the insistence of WHITES in White organisations and White political parties.

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