South Africa: The massive Natal violence – Will the Government lie or cover up the RACIAL CLASHES?

This violence that took place in South Africa in the last week is on a scale the likes of which you cannot imagine. This is the most hectic stuff that’s ever occurred, in living memory. In fact, there is nothing that’s happened on this scale, ever. We would have to go back over a century before we can find a comparison.

I have been studying it in depth and getting as much info as I can, and I have formed the opinion that this clearly is part of the infighting in the ruling party between the Black Jewish Communist Ramaphosa and the Zulu Communist Zuma.

But it seems as if the Govt is also trying to cover things up and to play down certain aspects of it. They admit it was created deliberately but they try very hard to avoid discussing issues about RACIAL CONFLICTS that took place. For example, there were Blacks who killed Indians and there were Indians who killed Blacks. Now they seem to be pretending this never happened.

We will have to monitor what happens. But it seems to me, some twisting and some lying may take place to hide the RACIAL clashes that unquestionably took place.

I urge White South Africans who have any videos, photos or voice notes regarding this incident to ensure that you keep copies of it on your devices. We may find that 5 and 10 years from now that they lie about it so much as to pretend that it hardly happened at all. Keep everything. We may need to later show some of the stuff that really went on.

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